Thursday, May 25, 2017


So I started a blog, it feels kind of odd.  However, people around me have asked for my advice on this lately.  Also my current job goes hand in hand with my passion to make sure Military members are making smart decisions financially and aren't ending up miserable once they're civilians again.  First off, this is meant to be encouraging and hopefully prompt most of you to begin preparing yourself for that “Plan B” after the Military.  This is not intended to bash the Military or discourage anyone from reenlistment, most of what I will write applies to preparing for retirement also.  However, the Military is the least helpful source for true help to transition successfully to civilian life.  Hopefully the stories and strategies I put in these posts will help you make better decisions, use your time more wisely and ultimately leave you in a much better position for when you are finally at that crossroads.  As I said above, this isn’t meant to discourage you from re enlisting.  I just want to make sure when you are at that crossroad, whatever decision you make is because you want to and not because you have no choice. 

I’m not a counselor, but I came in Army with almost no college credits and no idea what I wanted out of life after the Army.  I left the Army with enough college credits to put me roughly just a year shy of a Bachelors degree, a job with a  much better salary and benefits, no debt, and plenty in my bank account and investments.  I had guaranteed employment months before taking transition leave and had my full plan mapped out almost 15 months before my last day in the Army.  So, all in all I did a few things right.  You don't have to have your degree completed or have six figures in your bank account to get out successfully, but you do need to plan for it and not stick your head in the sand and pray for the best.  Read the posts, take some advice, find some humor in some of the posts and start thinking past this weekend.

For some of you, this will not be something you want to read or hear at first.  That's because reality sometimes is scary, especially when someone else talks about it calmly and clearly to you.  This is real advice.  None of those pyramid schemes or Tai Lopez type hooks.  However, if you follow the advice I give in the upcoming posts I can promise a few things.  You will be in a better position financially in just a few months,  you will have a completed resume, you'll have submitted job applications to at least 10 employers and you will at least have some good ideas for how to figure out what you want to ultimately do after the Military.  Take the time now and use the resources I'll put in future posts.  You have to make the decision to work for this, no one else will.  A five day transition course  isn't enough to help you (although it did provide me a catchy name for this blog), it's just a tool to cover the Military and check the box.  Invest the time now so you're not freaking out when that window of time is closing in.  It isn't profitable for the Military to invest money or time on helping you get out in good shape, so you have to invest the time and effort yourself and it starts now.

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