Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Earlier today at work someone asked me why I do this.  I knew the answer and told them I'd just explain it in my next post.  I had this blog originally on another site and never thought of even exposing it to my own friends and family on social media.  I only linked it after helping build resumes for 3 friends and getting 2 of them interviews (one of which was at USAA).  This is a passion for me.  I deal with this all day at work sometimes and then still want to come home and write about it.  I don't want tons of followers or praise for this.  I just want my voice to reach the right people.

My views in one day after linking this to social media hit 1327 for one day (some coming from Poland, Japan, Canada, and Germany which I loved seeing).  I had 13 people privately message me for advice and for help.  No one yet has left a comment, and that's understandable.  Some of the ones reaching out to me for help are still  scared of what will happen after the Military, some even asked me to not tell mutual friends that they reached out to me.  That's perfectly fine with me.  As long as they're asking for the help and taking action.  Some are still early in their career and may even be "lifers" in the Military but want to still have that safety net built for when they retire.

I got home tonight and one person asked could they just talk on the phone for a few minutes just to get some direction and talk about the concerns they have leading up to their last day in the Army in roughly 8 months.  That's what I want you all to do.  Yeah I'm tired from my day but if I don't offer to help this person I feel like my day would be incomplete.  I have to do this.  If I get to only help one person or have one person take action and start being proactive about planning for their future then it's all worth it to me.  If you read 100 percent of what I write, only like 50 percent of it, but retain and use just 10 percent of the material and remember that 10 percent forever then to me the time spent doing this is worth it.  I have roughly 10 posts already drafted for the next 2 weeks, outlining what you can do now day to day, how to fit college into your schedule working active duty, what qualities to look for in a future career after the military and what will matter to civilian employers the most.  Keep reading because I promise a lot of good content is about to be put out.

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